Patches 2019

Debt reduction to -50% in VITBALL MANAGER 2019

Play with greater probability of high transfer activity. Clubs in the major leagues have 50% of the debt. Adjusted Club Debt In: English League La Liga German League Italian League French League First Division Primeira Liga- Portugal Brazil Brazil Argentine League English Premier League – Russia Mexican League Turkish League Belgian League Greek League Scottish League EPL Championship English Football League Second English Football League How to apply 50% less debt within the game Extract the contents of the downloaded .rar archive using a tool like WinZip or 7-zip. Transfer a file -50 debt. xml to: Interactive Sports Football Manager documents 2019 Data editor creation “Data Editor” The folder if it does not already exist. Open Football Manager 2019 And start a new career, in the top right of the screen, within “Database” , Be sure to select “-50 debt” – – – – Written by Dennis05


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